Will you prayerfully, carefully and cheerfully support our growing work?

Giving is a strong theme in the Bible and in this church and we are grateful to the many people who give both in service and in money. The work here is growing as numbers at our services increase and as we begin new ministries. We are grateful for all that has been achieved through the generous support of many in this church and we ask you to consider continuing in that generosity!  
Please would you think prayerfully, carefully and cheerfully about your giving to Ascension. The 'Resourcing our Church' document (link above right) explains how the money is spent and there is also a Standing Order Form to complete and send through to the church office.  
There is also an option to leave a legacy to the Ascension.  
Click here to find out more about leaving a legacy.  
Thank you!

Tax Efficient Giving

UK tax payers: If you are a UK tax payer (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to be able to claim back the basic rate tax through the government's gift aid scheme, you will need to fill in, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid declaration if you have not done so already (click on the download above right). The benefit to Ascension is that it can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each pound given at no extra cost to you.  
Higher rate UK tax payers: if you pay higher or additional rate tax, you may pass on this extra tax to Ascension by giving via your employer's payroll giving scheme (Payroll Giving)  
If you give via Payroll Giving then, because you are giving 'pre-tax', you are able to pass on the full benefit of your tax to Ascension immediately; so, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, Ascension will receive 42p more per £1 of donation and, for additional rate taxpayers, Ascension will receive 57p more per £1 of donation than if you give through Gift Aid. Because these donations are made 'pre-tax', Ascension does not have to reclaim the tax that you pay via Gift Aid. This means that you have to build in the 'tax-back' element to your donation.  
For example, if you are a higher rate taxpayer and currently give Ascension £300 a month, Ascension is able to claim £75 of your tax back via Gift Aid. If you donate £500 via Payroll Giving you will receive £300 less pay each month, meaning your £500 donation will cost you the same as your current giving, but Ascension will receive £125 more.